Thursday, January 12, 2012

November and December

I really cannot believe that 3 months have passed since I jumped on here! They have gone by fast, have been slightly chaotic and challenging, but have also been very good. We did not get Christmas cards out this year...sorry. I'm hoping that next year I'll have my head a little more organized.
Part of the chaos has been from having a puppy to keep up and play with! Libby is our little yellow lab - we really enjoy having her (although there are days that I say "What were we thinking?!").
Aslan and Fig still get lots of love...
and Aslan has a slight obsession with the catnip scratcher :o)
We've enjoyed baking cookies,
reading a lot of books (and discovered that the library has the audiobooks, too, which G has loved reading during quiet times!),
and even going to the beach!
My parents and sister flew down for the week of Christmas - we were thankful to have them visit for so long and to be with us to celebrate the birth of Christ. We also kept our friends' dog Cooper for the week, so we enjoyed a full house!

We attempted a picture of the four of us on Christmas after we came home from church... not exactly successful!
I'm thankful that these two are growing to become better friends to one another and pray that it continues to grow... although they each had to each stand on a piece of wrapping paper for this picture to work :o)
We loved having everyone here!!!
I think the next time we will all be together will be at Mariah's wedding in May - we are excited for that special time!

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Danielle said...

Wow! The kids are so big and so cute!!! I hope you all are well. I'd love to catch up soon!