Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kathryn "Kate" Noel

She's here!! Kathryn "Kate" Noel Davidson was born on May 19, 2009 at 9:39am weighing 7lbs 7oz and measuring 20 inches! We have really loved our first (almost) 2 weeks with her in our family. She is very content most of the time and is - thankfully - easily comforted when not. We can't wait to see how her personality grows and how the Lord uses her, even as an infant! We are so excited to be given the honor of raising this sweet little girl... she is such a blessed addition to our family!!

Graham loves her and wants to hold her a lot. We always have to keep a hand on her though, because when he gets tired of holding her he says, "All done Kate!" and would let her roll off of his lap if we weren't there to catch her!
First full family photo!

Ready to go home!!

Graham and Nat made signs welcoming us home from the hospital... I should have opened the storm door to get a better shot! Oh well.
All together at home :o)
My parents came to Houston the day we came home from the hospital and stayed for almost a week and a half... they were so much help -- especially with Graham and the house! All of the pictures below are from 5/22 to 5/31 to show Kate but also a big visit with my family. We loved having my parents here!!!!

A big project my dad worked on while he was here was re-vamping our swingset! Not only is it an awesome red, but it is also super sturdy and has a great platform on the bottom. Graham LOVES the swingset and plays on it every day so this was a great project that will be used again and again -- thanks (Grand)Daddy!!
Pool time :o)

Nat, Grillmaster.
Kate is, I'm sure, learning how to do whatever it is her daddy is looking at (making lesson plans for church, learning how to do some basic plumbing... some of the things he may have been checking out last week)!
More bubbles!
Sweet baby Kate

1st bath!!

A fun trip down to Galveston to play out on the beach! It was actually way too hot for Kate so she and I stayed in the car most of the time in the AC, but Graham, Gramma, and Grandaddy had a blast in the sand!

Backyard fun :o)
Enjoying the finished swing set!!

Three generations of girls!

We are so excited you're here, Kate!!!

Two, Twenty-Eight, and Other Random Fun

I know that I am way far behind on posting and that some big changes have happened with our family since the last post, but I can't ignore that both Graham and Nat had birthdays recently! Of course we do have a ton more pictures from Graham's birthday... and since we didn't have family to celebrate with us here I'm posting a lot of them!!!

It's so hard to believe that Graham is TWO now... He has grown into being such a big boy!!

I had planned on making birthday pancakes but realized that morning that we were out of eggs. So we had "special oats" with brown sugar instead! He didn't seem to mind too much!

Picnic table from Gram-Gram and Pop-Pop! He loves the umbrella :o)
More gifts...

Youth Group met that night so I baked a cake for Graham and all of the kids sang to him. He was thrilled to have all of that attention (and chocolate)... I don't think the kids minded having cake either!
Since Nat was gone the night of Graham's actual birthday, we had a small celebration with our neighbors and two families from church... nothing fancy, but something fun to remember a birthday with! Graham helped with the baking...

Happy Birthday!!

The UPS man delivered a lawn mower (and more!) to Graham during his party from Gramma and Grandaddy!
He definitely loves it but then all of the kids realized that there was a HUGE box of packing peanuts on the floor... they stayed in the box the rest of the time!!

Later in the week a gift arrived from Aunt Riah... so his birthday continued (and so did our time with packing peanuts)!

Nat's birthday was May 7... some good friends took Graham for a night the weekend before and we took a birthday date night :o) Graham has turned pro at singing the happy birthday song by now! We love you, Nat (Daddy)!!!!!
Nat's big birthday/father's day present to himself that we found at a yard sale for a deal too great to pass up on!
And now... just a few fun shots from the past month!! Fig had so much fun in the laundry basket that he conked out after playing!
Nat taught Graham about hockey playoffs...
and gardening!
A group of ladies from church took me out to lunch at a tearoom to celebrate Baby Kate!! I forgot to pull out my camera before the very end, though, and so a few of them are missing from the picture. It really was a special time!