Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sock Hop!!

We had a kickin' time at the Sock Hop! Westminster Christian Academy (a ministry of our church) put this on and we had so so much fun! ...As a side note, I know it's been ages since I've posted on here. Our desktop computer died so I'm at the mercy of Nat's laptop and we have just stayed super busy lately. It's a shame too because we have a brand new camera that we are having so much fun learning how to use!! Perhaps I'll be better (?) -- I'll try! Instead of playing major catch up, I figure I'll just start... here!!
The nerds, a baby and a greaser who walked through some major wind - instead of slicked down, the gel gave G a nice spike ;o)
I stayed up with these sweet friends crazy late trying to make poodle skirts for ourselves... Joni did most of the work! Alissa, Kate, me, Joni and Ella
Traci was supercute in her getup too!!
Nat won the limbo competition -- I had no idea he could limbo! I love how all of the kids in the background are cheering him on! Ha!!!
Cheese :o)
G-Ram had a blast dancing!
What a bash!!!