Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Making a Bed...

We had a lot of fun making a bed over the past couple of weekends! "Making" as in building, not just "making the bed pretty" like I tell the kids each morning! We have always had a little platform bed made of plywood which has worked just as it should in holding our mattress up off of the floor, but earlier in the summer a family from church generously gave us a big saw that they weren't using anymore and Nat has been itching to use it for something! As we were trying to think of something we'd like but that might be possible to make cheaper and sturdier than buying in the store, we started thinking about beds. A friend of ours in Charlotte had a home made version of Pottery Barn's Stratton bed that we both loved for the storage space. We were looking to see if there were any plans online and ran across an awesome website for DIY stuff: There were so many amazing ideas and plans and then Nat found this: We were so excited!! A storage bed, but instead of cubbies at the bottom - a nice farmhouse style headboard and a footboard on a hinge so there is even more storage under the bed! The plan was a little confusing at times because the lady who made it was combining two different plans to make the bed, but with a little extra brain power we were able to do it! I'm thinking about re-writing them out to have it all in one spot, but at this point I'm just happy to have pictures up!

Cutting the wood into strips to make the cubby boxes
Cubbies with trim and lots of measuring! Graham had so much fun being in the garage and making his own little projects!
Trying to weigh down some warped wood - gluing and nailing the wood to make the footboard panel
Lots and lots of sanding (that was my job) - I didn't want any sharp corners or edges and wanted the paint to go on smoothly
Checking the measurements to double check how long we needed the panels to be so that the 4x4s were just slightly exposed on the edge of the bed - we made the same mistake the other lady did and had to make cuts through the panels (otherwise the 4x4 posts would be completely on the outside of the boxes and we wouldn't be able to bolt them to each other).
Sanding the top to make it level!
Headboard before being primed/painted!
Another helper!
Putting it all together and checking out the storage space :o)
Ta-da!! It is done. I feel like we're living in a hotel (the good part of living in a hotel). A sweet friend surprised us by fixing up our room for us. I love it! We were excited about just doing a project but I didn't realize how peaceful and inviting it would make our room!
Hooray for even more storage! Graham has already deemed this his hideout :o)
A very talented friend made this and it fits the room perfectly!