Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Day

Today we really just enjoyed having a day together as a family.  The temperature was in the mid-70s so we spent most of the morning playing in the backyard.  Nat even found our camping hammock and we attached it to our swing set!  We didn't lounge all day... we had fun watching one of the students from the youth group play basketball and went on a needed shopping trip.  Other than that, though, we loved playing under the blue Texas sky!!

What We Need

This has actually been a fairly rough week - you wouldn't know it from this picture!  Graham and I have both been sick (but on the mend now!) so we've been stretched in showing patience for each other... and Nat his patience for both of us, I'm sure!  Two nights ago I was especially frazzled trying to pull myself together in attempt to get things accomplished and thought out loud, "What IS it that I need?" and Graham very quickly cheered, "JESUS!"  

"Out of the mouth of babes..." (Psalm 8)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Caught Up!

Well, we have finally caught back up with the happenings in our life in blog-world. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up with it on a regular basis so that it's not a continual blogging marathon every month (or two in this case!). For those of you who may not know, we found out that we are having a little GIRL in May and are thrilled that Graham will have a sister to grow up with! Now we're working on painting her room and coming up with names... any suggestions? Although, if it's anything like Graham, we might not have any final decisions until the day she is born and we're writing it on the birth certificate! Love to you all!!

Fishing Extravaganza!!

This past Saturday (1/24/09 -- can you believe it, we've caught up with the blog!!) we went to a Fishing Extravaganza in a little city nearby. Every year they load their Municiple Pool with TONS of fish (mainly catfish and trout) and then open it up for kids to come and fish. Our church let everyone in the congregation know about it so there were several people there that we knew... and it was just a neat way to get involved in the community! On Sunday our church had a fish fry/potluck after the service to serve up what was donated from what the kids caught!
The unsuspecting fish...
We started out in the baby pool... there were a ton of kids at the main pool and lots of hooks flying :o) Here is Graham fishing with his Daddy!
What a catch!!
Graham was pretty pleased with himself :o)
Fishing with a friend from church!
This is a shot from the big pool where most of the families from church were staked out. In the midst of heading over there, we were busted for Graham being too young to fish... We didn't realize you had to be three to participate! Oops... we had fun anyway, and enjoyed watching all of the other kids reel our lunch in!

Beach Day!

On Martin Luther King Jr Day this year, we took a trip to the beach! When we were dating (and when Nat didn't have a class while we were married) we would always try to go on a hike on MLK day. Since it was hot and mountains are several hours away, we thought a trip to the beach was in order. Another factor in our decision is that someone from the church who lives in Galveston was very graciously donating a huge TV to the youth group at church and this was a prime day to pick it up!
We enjoyed a yummy lunch on an outside, 2nd story patio overlooking the Gulf then hit the beach!! Graham LOVED playing in the sand, but was not such a fan of the water. He would chase it and then run away from it... one time the water caught him and the poor boy was hystarical. Maybe it won't be so scary when it's warmer in the summertime :o)
We sometimes miss the seasons of the mid-Atlantic, but didn't mind it being in the 70s when the high for my parents on the same day was something like 20!

This and That

Here are some of our favorite miscellaneous pictures from January... enjoy!
Fun with sidewalk chalk while we're waiting for Daddy to come home :o)
Mr. Cool Man Graham
A sick boy in the middle of the month... watching Elmo!
We didn't get another cat (yet), but we cat-sat for our friends' cat Bob one weekend... Aslan wanted to play with him so badly! Bob finally decided that Aslan wasn't all that bad :o)

Home projects galore... New hardware for the cabinets!
Loving Aslan
What is more fun than a box of peanuts and Duct Tape stickers?!
Graham loves to give Aslan hugs if you can't tell!
Loving on Mommy :o)
Trying pickled green beans with Daddy... for some reason he LOVED them!
Playing Wii!

In The Neighborhood...

One of our favorite things about our neighborhood is the greenbelt and the park. The greenbelt is a trail that circles the bayou running through our neighborhood and the one beside ours (great for running, walking, biking, etc!) and the park is only two streets down! We spend a lot of time there, so we brought the camera with us on one "winter" day.
One of the few hills in Houston :o)

Rock climbing already!

A Davidson/Geary Christmas

All of Nat's family (minus Bridgette - we missed you!) were able to fly to Houston by the 26th. We had such a great time seeing them - the beginning of August had been the last time we had been together! Graham loved reciting everyone's names and really loved hanging out with his cousin, Joel!
Fun with Pop-Pop!
Scrounging for wood... Ike clean-up efforts?
Playing together...
Opening gifts with Aunt Chelsie, Uncle Todd, and Joel
Group shot!
Wrestling and rolling on the bed
Another group shot :o)
Loving on Gram-Gram
Locking everyone in the gate so they can't leave!
We can't wait to see everyone again soon!!

Christmas Day 2008

We started off Christmas Day early so that we could enjoy some good family time in the morning... we actually had to wake Graham up! It was really neat to see the difference in Graham from last year to this year at Christmas. He was much more amazed at everything (trees, lights, gifts, etc) but he could also tell us about "baby Jesus" who was in the Bible and was more than excited to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! I can't wait to see how much more he can learn and understand this time next year!
Graham made a beeline for the table he received from Gramma and Grandaddy - surprise!!
Scouting out the rest of the goods
Opening gifts while Aslan circles the tree
We had a fun time Skype-ing (?) with my family that morning so that we could see them open their gifts from us and they could see us open our gifts from them!
Mitch flew into Houston mid-morning, and we loved having him join us for Christmas! My family gave us a Wii as our Christmas gift and we became addicted to it from the first day!
Davidson boys after our Christmas dinner!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we really enjoyed preparing for remembering the birth of Christ together. Our service at church that night was so special for reminding us of how Christ's coming to earth as man had been anticipated all throughout the Old Testament and how we, even now, anticipate His coming again. Nat was given the opportunity to do the homily for the service and it was "Come, Oh Long Expected Jesus." We then had a great time of fellowship at the Farrell home (our pastor's family), drove around to see some neat displays of Christmas lights (Graham chanted the whole time, "Tree...On!") and finished up with some hot chocolate!
Graham on our way to church
A pizza dinner with the Farrells!
Christmas Eve family photo
Putting together Graham's new table from Gramma and Grandaddy!