Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mitch!!

We miss you and hope you're having a great day!! (Note - this did go on longer than we anticipated, but we just had to play you the whole thing!!) :o)

More Family Time

Nat's parents (Gram Gram and Pop Pop) had the opportunity to come for another quick visit last weekend - this was Pop Pop's first time to meet Kate!

Gram Gram with her grandbabies :o)
The brisket Nat made for us one night... it was amazing!
A smiley Kate!
Batter up! Practicing with Pop Pop :o)

We Love Skype!

We love keeping up with family and friends using Skype!! We had a great time chatting with our good friends Jeremy and Hannah the other night and gave Graham the chance to catch up with his buddy, Mr. Moses!! :o)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Aslan!!

Happy 5th Birthday Aslan!! And Happy 5th Anniversary to our friends and Aslan's first parents, Sean and Lindsay :o) We are thankful for such a fun, spunky, and cuddly cat to be a part of our family!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Months (and 4 days!)

It's hard to believe that Kate is already 2 months old! She had her doctor appointment on Tuesday and is becoming a big girl!! The stats: 12lbs, 8.5oz (90th percentile); 23 and 3/4 long (90th percentile too!) Her hair is growing and still has a big peacock poof in the back which is a dark dark brown. The hair in front is a mix of light/dark brown. She's blessing us with an 8ish hour break between feedings at night which has my sanity restored :o) She absolutely loves loves attention and will smile and coo when you sit in front of her and Graham has enjoyed "making Kate happy." He's such a great big brother and loves on her any chance he gets (hugs, kisses, giving her toys, etc). I am enjoying as much of the baby phase as I can as I feel like it is already going quickly... we love you Miss Kate!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Astronaut Nat

Some men from church who work at NASA were able to set up a great youth event to do the actual flight simulator that the astronauts train on -- what a treat!!


...for free food! Hooray for Chick-Fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day!

Gone Campin'

Okay, so not camping camping. The cabins DID have AC... But it was close enough! Nat and I took the youth group up to Forest Glen for a retreat last week and had a great time. It took a little bit of time for me to get used to the spiders (I am super-paranoid about Texas spiders... some of them are as big as my hand and others are smaller than my pinkie nail and I'm determined that they are all poisonous!) so any time the girls weren't in our cabin I was searching for and killing our eight-legged friends. Other than that, it was a beautiful camp, the students were challenged in the Word and also grew in their relationships with one another - two of the top goals for the retreat - and we had a lot of fun things to do! All of the kids were extremely helpful with Graham which made the week much easier for me!

The group :o)

The Blob (that's Nat)
BB Guns... we are in Texas!
Graham's first canoe ride!
Kate was a trooper... she stayed behind a mosquito net for the majority of the week so I really only have about two pictures of her from the whole time we were there!

Ben and Lindsay to Houston -- Happy 4th!!!

Our wonderful friends, the Dykes, drove all the way from Charlotte to come visit us over 4th of July weekend. We LOVED seeing them again... I can't believe it's been almost a year since we moved to Texas, but it's amazing how that doesn't matter with good friendships - we felt like we were on vacation in our own home!! :o)

Happy (late) Fourth of July from Kate!
We went to a local park that we heard had a good fireworks display (there were actually many places in Houston that had fireworks - we're not used to having a choice!). We were able to lay out a blanket and they went off right over us!

Graham actually loved the fireworks and has been talking about them ever since... he sat in my lap and wanted me to cover his ears, though (Nat covered Kate's - they really were loud!). When it was all over, he didn't believe us - even after we got him back into his stroller.
We (of course) had to take them to Kemah one evening :o)

Kate was so patient in her stroller!
The Monday that they were here, Nat and Ben got a special treat from our friend Joe from church. Several members of our church work for NASA or a contractor of NASA so they were able to go on a great tour of Johnson Space Center!
Houston... we have a problem :o)
Euchre champions!

It was such a special time and we are thankful for such great friends -- we miss them already!!


Kate started smiling when she was around 5 weeks old (the exact date is in my calendar... which is not near me!) It has been so much fun to have her respond to us with smiles and coos - we love seeing her little face light up! This is the first picture I was able to get a few weeks ago... so sorry it's just now being posted :o)