Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nat's Ordination!!

Sepember 27, 2009
Reverend McMillan Nathanael Davidson

What an exciting and humbling weekend!! Nat was ordained during the worship service on Sunday morning. The sermon was from 1 Timothy 4:6-16... that and the charge made to Nat was challenging and encouraging. We are so thankful for our church family and the support that they have given us. We are also thankful for our family members who were able to fly down and join us for such a big weekend!
I didn't have great pictures from my camera (above) so we're very appreciative to Joe for capturing the service for us to remember (I just don't know how to include them in the blog since it's DVD format).
Since we had more manpower, Nat's dad helped us install a new patio door... hooray!!
Family :o)

Home Again Home Again Jiggity-Jig

Some fun from the home front...
I love my wild and crazy (and flexible!) kids. Also, a big thanks to Nat's Aunt Marie for the finger puppets -- they're a big hit!

...And Up to Maryland

Bernie was sweet enough to drive down to Salem to pick us up from my parents' house and take us back up to Maryland. We enjoyed a stop off at JMU on the way up to eat at Mr. J's Bagel Shop and to get some new school gear for the big game we went to on Saturday. Mitch also flew in from Nashville on Thursday night so we had fun hanging out with him and Jackie for most of Friday!
Graham showed off his musical abilities :o)

Friday night we headed to the Hackenbergs' house for dinner -- we really loved catching up with this wonderful friends and letting Graham and Moses play together!
Hannah with Kate
Saturday was a fun and busy day! Bernie took us to Wheaton Regional Park for a picnic, carousel (Graham's first ever!), and train ride!! Mitch, Jackie, Chelsie and Joel were able to come out too!
Uncle Mitch with the boy cousins :o)
Smile fast!!
Graham and Joel made good use out of the train hats that Granddaddy got Graham in Virginia (we ended up with two after thinking one was gone forever at a Chick-Fil-A... nope! Just hiding in the car). The boys were ready for the train!!
All aboard!

Saturday night all of the Davidson siblings came together for a match up between JMU and Maryland (mine and Nat's alma maters). They never play each other (they're in different leagues) so we were super excited to actually be in Maryland on a night that they were.
Go JMU Dukes!!!
We love each other even though we were rivals for the night :o)
Todd, Chelsie (and baby girl coming soon!), Bridgette, Me, Nat, Mitch, and Jackie!
The last play of the game... Maryland won in overtime, 35-38 with a field goal. Such a close and fun game!!
Playing in the yard with Aunt Bridge (although Graham for some reason calls her Uncle Bridge!)
The Davidson (and Geary) Clan: Todd, Chelsie, Joel (and baby girl), Jackie, Mitch, Bernie, Dudley, Nat, Graham, Me, Kate, Randall, and Bridgette... whew! That's a lot of family!
Joel and Graham
Sweet Kate
Graham having fun with Uncle Mitch and Jackie!
Mariah and her boyfriend Evan came up to Maryland so that we could meet him and see her one more time before we came home to Texas! A sister picture plus my babies :o)
Mariah, Evan, and Kate!
Tuesday night we had another family night (minus Mitch who had to go back to Nashville) up at Todd and Chelsie's. Goofing off with homemade pizza faces!!
Yummy dinner... thanks Chels!
What visit is complete without a cousin bath? This time next year there will be four in the tub!
Bella needed some cuddle time too... thank you for having us -- we had a ball!

Beautiful Virginia

In September, we took a big trip east!! I took the kiddos by myself to start the trip and was so thankful that this was the result on the airplane!! Two sleeping babies :o)
We flew into Baltimore then Mariah picked us up from the Davidsons' and brought us to Virginia to visit my parents! We arrived on Mum and Daddy's 33rd wedding anniversary (Sept 4) which was fun to celebrate. My mom even pulled out her wedding gown which has been stored ever since their wedding. We had quite a shock when we opened up the box and the dress appeared blue... we were thankful when we realized that the blue was just the tissue paper the dress was packed in and NOT discoloration of the dress! Aren't they a handsome couple??
That Saturday we took a picnic to Mill Mountain, and explored the Discovery Center and the zoo! Graham has talked non-stop about going to the zoo on the mountain.

Daddy with his grandbabies -- go Hokies!!

On Labor Day we headed to the Transportation Museum... It looked like they had a ton to explore, but Nat's flight was going to be landing soon so we hit the highlights -- the trains!!
I should have taken a picture of the model display... the picture of Graham and Daddy is one small window of a HUGE model train arrangement.

The caboose!
Mum kept us going all week with yummy yummy meals... Isn't she cute in front of a grill?!
"Aunt Riah" and Mum visiting with Kate
The whole crew :o)

One of my favorite things is the cold early mornings with the windows open and something warm to drink. Here's Nat having a sweet moment with Graham and Kate :o)
My sister left to go back to DC that Tuesday and my parents had to work so we made Tuesday a visiting day! Somehow these pictures switched and I can't reverse them for some reason. We headed to Blacksburg on Tuesday around lunchtime to visit with some dear friends from seminary, the Waters (below to the right). We had a GREAT time catching up with them and having our kids (they have three) play together. Next time we see them they will have another sweet little girl! I forgot to get my camera out until the end so this is all I have.
That night my parents kept Graham and we met up with friends that I grew up with (and also the very ones who had invited me to youth group 10 years ago where I eventually became a believer), Lisa and Carissa. We had a fun triple date with Carissa and Keegan and Lisa and Aaron. Lisa's mom kept their oldest, Vivian, and the two Kates came along with us!! I think I must have had my camera on a funny setting because the pictures of the adults were all washed out, boo. But this is a decent one of the two Kates (below left)!

Since my parents had to work on Wednesday too we spent our morning at the park (after a stop at the Salem Doughnut Shop, of course)! Graham sported the beloved train hat his Granddaddy gave him :o)

Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains... this is taken from a section of my parents' driveway.
Graham calling for the donkeys to come to him :o)

We had such a great time spending a week in Virginia and can't wait to see them again!!!