Saturday, May 31, 2008

Household Projects

We've had a couple of items in our attic the past two years that just haven't fit into where we've been living.  One is our kitchen table and chairs and the other is a 30 gallon aquarium and stand.  We decided it was time to clean out the attic (also in hopes that we will be moving soon) so we cleaned them all up and gave them a few great coats of polyurethane to finish them off and make them glow.  

Anyone interested in purchasing these items?  We have them posted on Charlotte's Craigslist...

Memorial Day (Weekend) Fun

Memorial Day weekend was a great chance for us to relax after the semester finished up.  On Sunday after church and a non-nap from Graham we decided to take a bike ride around the neighborhood.  Again, Graham loves the bike but not the helmet.  This is his pouty face to show us what he thinks.
About to ride off...
After our ride we went over to the Dykes for a cookout and then they taught us how to play Euchre.  Shannon and Lindsay shut the guys out 10-0.  
Graham slept peacefully in his pack-n-play.

Nat and Ben were getting creative in how to start the playground grill.  Their idea was to get the coals hot on the top of one grill (by letting the oxygen flow underneath) and then to switch the hot coals to the bottom of the second grill to cook the burgers.  What can I say... It worked!  Here's an action shot.
Lindsay, Shannon, and Graham played on the playground while the food was cooking.

Speed Street!

Last Thursday, Speed Street 600 came to town.  If you're not sure what that is, please let us enlighten you.  Nascar's Coca-Cola 600 was raced in Charlotte (well, Concord) last weekend so from Thursday through Sunday just about everything in town revolved around Nascar.  Speed Street is a three-day event (Thurs-Sat) that is full of music, vendors (think funnel cakes), and free hand outs to market the companies who sponsor all the Nascar cars.  This is our third May here and we had never ventured Uptown for the festivities so we thought we would give it a go this year.

We wanted to avoid finding a parking space so we rode our bikes Uptown.  Graham LOVES riding on the bike but HATES his helmet.  Fortunately, he doesn't know how to take it off so we parents won that battle.
You're not supposed to bring cameras there (we listened - mainly because we were afraid that we would have to leave the camera at the checkpoint alone with our bikes) but the AT&T section had someone who would take your picture in front of their car (we'll assume it wasn't the real one that actually races!) and give you a card to look at your picture online once you returned home.  So that's what we did.
It was an adventure (and we saw quite some characters) but we enjoyed having something different to do on a pretty afternoon... and enjoyed the free M&Ms and BBQ sauce that we were given!

Around the House

Here is a glimpse of the fun Graham gets into around the house...

Tickle fights...
Playing with Aslan, his "ki-kah" (translation: "kitty-cat")
Toys and books...
Hanging around with his Daddy...
And learning how to fix things... like pumping air into the bike tires!


We were able to spend some time with the Waters family recently -- Samuel and Graham loved Jack playing on the other side of the door!

Terrific Tuesdays

On Tuesdays this semester, Nat was gone from 7am until 9:30pm, so Graham and I always managed to fill our days!  We had play group in our neighborhood every Tues morning (I'll need to remember to take my camera next week!).  

Most Tuesday afternoons we'd head over to the Creasons' for some lunch and Stephanie and I would catch up during nap/quiet time!  Here is Graham with the Creason girls...
...and Graham and Lily playing together (something interesting is over the gate)!
Tuesday nights, Lindsay Dyke would come by for dinner and to watch American Idol (I know, it's a bad addiction - but a good excuse to get together!).  Ben had class on Tuesday nights too, so we enjoyed keeping each other company.  Plus, Graham loves Lindsay!!
The last day of Nat's exams (also a Tuesday), Ben had finished up too so all of us were able to hang out for dinner (and to, of course, watch the American Idol finale).  Here are the Dykes loving on Graham!

Friday, May 30, 2008


We received news on May 12 that my (Shannon's) good friend from college, Kelly's, mom passed away the day before.  Thanks to some help from the Dykes watching Graham on last minute notice I was able to travel to Richmond.  

Since the Purdy family lives in Richmond now (and because I had never seen their new home or baby Baxter), I had dinner at their house.  It was such a great time to catch up on their past year and to see how much Owen has grown -- we have missed them a lot!
I then went to Katrina and Andrea's house for the night.  Both of these lovely ladies were my college roomies at JMU and it was a special time to stay up and chat with them like we used to!
Wednesday was the funeral for Mrs. Sue Wrenn.  Several other girls from college were able to come and we were thankful for the opportunity to love on Kelly.

Here Comes The Bride!

Several weeks ago (meaning April 26), I was able to make the trip to Greenville, SC for the wedding of Dan and Christina Emmons.  It was a fun girls' trip with Lindsay and the three Stevens ladies (all of our hubbys were busy!).  Here is a picture of Lindsay and I with the beautiful bride!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day

For her second Mother's Day, Shannon got to enjoy a movie in the theater with some ladies from church and then Nat, Graham, and the other husbands/kids met them for dinner at Brixx.  It was a great day!

Happy Birthday, Nat!

On May 7, Nat had his 27th birthday - we celebrated by going to dinner at Chipotle that was followed by Life Group, and then cake!  Hooray for #27!!
Believe it or not, this is the very first time since we have been married that any of us (including for Graham's birthday) has had both candles AND something to light them with.

Aunt Allergy?

A couple weeks ago (It's been a while, we know!) Mariah and her friend Stacey came by for a quick surprise visit.  Graham had so much fun playing with them!

Graham also started getting whelps all over his body (you can see one of these sad bumps on his forehead).  We found out the next day that he is allergic to amoxicillin! 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Beautiful Sunday

After church we came home and Graham took a late nap while Nat went for a run.  Once Graham was up and Nat came home we decided to eat an early dinner and to take a walk to the park (it was such a beautiful day!).  Graham really loves going to the park and he couldn't get enough of the tunnel!

Nat's working on building Graham's arm muscles with some pull-ups!
On our way home, we decided to go to the Dairy Queen down the street.  We ran into some friends and they decided to join us.  Here is Graham with his friend Campbell after eating some ice cream (by the way, this was Graham's first taste of ice cream and he loved that too - I think he might have a sweet tooth)!

Just Call Me "Mo"

This is for anyone who ever wanted to see Graham's mohawk REALLY stand up!

Graham's Actual Birthday

Graham's actual birthday was very low-key.  We went to play group in the morning and Nat came home for dinner that night between his classes which was a nice treat!  We still can't believe he has been with us for a year!!

Busy Birthday Weekend

For Graham's birthday we had a fun party at our neighborhood park a couple of weeks ago.  We had family and friends from playgroup, church, and the seminary to celebrate with!

Graham LOVED his cake - he ate all that he was given!

Here's the birthday boy opening up some gifts - he loved pulling out and tearing the paper and appeared pleasantly surprised to find toys/books/music!
A few pictures of some friends who were able to come...

And after several attempts at a group kids shot, this was the one that had the most kids in it!
One of the best parts was that some of our family was able to come to Charlotte to visit for the weekend.  This is Graham with his Aunt Mariah. 
And Pop-Pop...
Graham also had fun with his cousin, Joel, over the weekend.  One of his favorite games was to take Joel's socks off.  Here he is with Joel, Grammie, and Aunt Chelsie.

They're best friends already!!
This is the toy box that Gramma and Granddaddy had made and stained for Graham.  After this weekend it was filled to the brim!
Shannon's Aunt Mary Kay, Uncle Chuck, cousin Cara, and Cara's three girls (Emmy Kay, Melina, and Susanna) also stopped by for a quick visit on a trip from Florida up to Virginia.
What a fun weekend to celebrate ONE!!