Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big News X 2!!

In our month or so of blogging absence, a lot has happened!! We closed on a house on November 18 and have been busy moving things in, painting, organizing, and making things homey :o) My (Shannon's) family came in for a week at Thanksgiving (pictures to be posted, I promise) and they were a big help. They didn't have much of an option since we moved on a Saturday and they came that Tuesday! I will work on getting some good pictures up of the house soon.

Most of you who follow this probably already know but we are also expecting our second baby in May! We found out in the middle of September and have been widely spreading the news since week 8, but here we are past week 16 and just now announcing it on the blogging world! We are thrilled and Graham doesn't quite understand but does at least think that there is a baby "hiding" in mommy's "bay bun" (translation: "belly button"). Please join us in praying for this tiny life as it grows and our family as we look forward to welcoming him or her late this spring :o) We have an ultrasound scheduled at the beginning of January where we can (hopefully) find out if this is a little boy or little girl. Below is the picture that we sent to our families when we first found out!