Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Trip East

Last week (the 15th to be exact!) we took an opportunity to go see some family and friends back on the east coast! We just came back on Monday the 23rd and feel as though we jumped back into a busy busy week, so I promise we'll have pictures from our adventures up soon. :o) It truly was a refreshing and encouraging trip for all of us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun Ride!!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We (especially Nat) have been extremely excited to start a garden at our home here in Texas!  He has planted many seeds already that are ready to grow in the window, but last week we were thrilled to buy some fun trees for our yard!  Included in our shopping spree was a pecan tree (our shade tree... well, someday), a crepe myrtle (for the front), a lime, lemon and fig!  We're excited to watch them grow :o)

Fun with Stickers and Water

I'm honestly not sure where I was for this, but Graham found a sheet of stickers and went to town!
After Nat came home, they had some fun with the hose!  I was trying to be inconspicuous in the window but was caught!

Doctor = Cheeseburger

I finally took Graham in for his 18 month appointment (at 21 months...) and he's growing tall (even though he's gained almost no weight the past few months)!  35 inches, 25.9 lbs and his head is 49 cm.  After I took him to get his shots (a whole story in itself!), he very tearfully cried out "cheeseburger!" when he caught a glimpse of a McDonald's.  How could I resist such a request?  Here he is enjoying his reward for being such a brave boy!