Friday, May 27, 2011


We switched around our 2nd and 3rd bedrooms this week! My parents sent us my sister's bedroom furniture so we decided to use this exciting transition to put Graham and Kate in the same room as well! Kate's bedroom is now "the bedroom" and Graham's bedroom is the "toy room/guest room." Here's what it all looks like...
I think the only thing I need to do to make it a bit more neutral is to make some new curtains for the bedroom!
Bunked! They have done great (by the way, this picture was taken before I put rails up - they can't fall out)!
So so excited :o) He told his teacher that he "slept on the ceiling" - ha!
"Toy room/guest room" (...Bernie/Dudley, I'll send your pillows soon - I just need to get to the post office!)
Big big thank you to Gramma, Granddaddy and Aunt Riah for the furniture! And for Nat and some wonderful friends who helped us wade through our toy/clothes/furniture disaster and get it put back together!

Last Day of School

Graham's last day of preschool was today! He has had a fun year learning new things and, most importantly, about Jesus. We are thankful for his teacher Mrs. Jacobs! I should have done this weeks ago, but now I need to figure out some good things to keep us busy and productive at home for the summer. Does anyone have any good ideas? Please please pass them along if you do!!

G's first day of preschool in August...
And last day (today)!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Part 3: Urbanna!

We ended our trip in Urbanna, VA, about an hour east of Richmond, where my parents will be moving at the end of May. They are retiring and moving into the house that my Grandma lived in. I had not been there since 2004 so it was a treat to see them and to enjoy some Urbanna charm for a little bit as well!

The whole bunch: Me, Nat, Kate, Mariah, Evan, Mum, Daddy, and Graham!
Sisters, Sisters...
Love these!
The park is right across the street!
And the Rappahannock River is a street(ish) away. My parents bought a sailboat so we went out sailing after church!
The captain!
And crew :o) Kate had this face almost the entire time. She. Did. Not. Like. The lifejacket!
It's not a trip to Urbanna unless you play with the blocks :o) Thank you so much to Gramma and Granddaddy (and Mariah and Evan too!) for keeping G and K during the whole wedding weekend! We loved seeing all of you!!

Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Couple!

I really really really can't believe that Katrina and Eric's wedding was a whole month and a half ago... and that I am just now getting pictures on here. I promise I will send the two of you all of the gazillions of pictures from a wonderful celebratory weekend, but here are some :o) We enjoyed celebrating the marriage of these special friends. The events were beautiful, but their love for Jesus and for one another just made everything sparkle! I was also so thankful for time spent reuniting with other sweet friends and for Nat to have the chance to get to know their husbands! We were refreshed by you all.

Union Station in DC - early morning on the Amtrak down to Richmond! My lovely Aunt Judy picked me up and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to catch up with her over a few hours at Panera!
Working working on Thursday night to get it all done!
Sweet :o)
The bridesmaids' luncheon was gorgeous. Katrina's family were wonderful hostesses.
The food was so beautiful it was hard to want to dig in! But we did and it was as delicious as it was beautiful :o)
Katrina with her mom :o)
The dress!! And the bride!!

Hooray for flowers on the morning of the wedding... Katrina was so excited about every detail that day as each one came together.
The sashes they made for our dresses
Yay! Almost time :o)

I loved sitting with Kelly during the reception and catching up... It was so very cold that day that we shared a blanket throughout dinner (thank you Nat)!
I love him.
Jenny! Another wonderful friend from college who I miss dearly!
Mr. and Mrs. Young!!!!
Shorts Hall, freshman year! Kelly, Andrea (my roomie!), me, Katrina, Emilie, and Becky! (Jenny, I think you had just left)