Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cards!

It's already December and I still haven't put up any pictures from our trip OR Thanksgiving weekend... sorry!! Tonight we'll begin decorating our Jesse Tree to start the days of Advent with the kids (and to prepare our own hearts for Christmas too!), we're hoping to cut down a tree this weekend (although we might end up at a tree lot), it's time for parties, dinners and concerts... and to start thinking about Christmas cards! We've been using Shutterfly to share pictures with our families in whole albums (because it would take forever to upload them all to blogger and because no one else but our families would care to see the 200 pictures we can take in a day!) and we're planning to go through them for our Christmas cards this year as well. I'm always impressed with their quality and they have some very fun designs for this year so I'm going to have a hard time deciding what to send! ALSO, a friend of ours, Danielle, posted on her blog that Shutterfly is giving 50 free cards to bloggers who are willing to do a write-up on their blog about their great cards... hence, the plug from me ;o) You can get all of that information here! I'm mainly looking at the cards with one hole for a picture, so I'm liking this one... but they are all very nice so we'll see what picture we end up choosing and what it goes well with! Maybe I'll even take the time to make a calendar! Anyway, it's time to figure out a bite of dinner before Nat gets home and Kate wakes up. Next up, a real update? Hopefully soon! :o) Happy December 1st!!