Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Start of September

The past few weeks we've been settling into more of a routine (yay!) and enjoying some more bearable temperatures. Here's a bit of the start of our month...

Nat and Graham have gone fishing a few times - G loves(!) it! Kate and I came one time but spent much of the time on the playground :o)
A special grandparents' day chapel with preschool. We miss you, grandparents!!! We were very thankful for our friend Mrs. Ellen, though, who was able to come sit in for Graham!
Fun playdoh faces :o)
The majority of the wildfires are on the opposite end of Houston from us (and also many near Austin where we traveled around last month)... Please keep praying for rain in this area - it's so dry and windy! We've gone out in the evening because the smoke has made some amazing looking sunsets (although I suppose I haven't taken pictures of the sunsets, but have taken them of the kids).
Last Friday when Nat came home we decided to go down by Galveston to take the ferry boat to the Bolivar Peninsula. We've never done this before and we're already excited to go again! We went down around dinnertime so we picked up Taco Bell to eat while we waited in line. It's a free ride across (which made it even better!) and we enjoyed being out on the water for a short time.
We were able to see boats and ships (I suppose going toward the ship channel?) and even some dolphins!
When we made it across, Nat thought to stop at a little store to pick up some ice cream then we drove out onto the beach and played until it was dark.
Since this was a last minute adventure (I hadn't really thought about what we'd do once we made it across), we didn't have bathing suits/towels/etc but we had a great time! There was a sandbar that the kids used almost like a diving board - it caught them by surprise at first when they went underwater, but they were hilarious to watch as they thought up new games to play!
On Monday we went to see the Astros play - and they won! We went a little early so we could go down to the field and watch batting practice - it was so much fun!
Nat caught a ball that flew into the stands during batting practice and gave it to G - he was thrilled :o)
I know this is a hodge-podge of pictures - it's been a busy and fun month so far!


Melissa said...

What fun times-- you look so pretty in the boat picture, Shannon!
And I'm seriously drooling at the mention of Taco Bell. Mmmmmmm.....

Danielle said...

LOVE the shadow picture of the kids!!!

Todd and Chelsie said...

The ferry ride sounds like such fun!! :-) What a great last min adventure! Hope you guys are doing well! Love you!